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Pick a card, any card…

September 2, 2009

Thank you all so much to those of you who have got in touch via Facebook, Twitter or email to let us know that you love the new Pimpernel Clothing store. It’s inspiring to know that you like what you see, and your support is very much appreciated. Orange blossom macaroons all round 🙂

Some of you particularly expressed an interest in the decks of playing cards that we’re selling. All six decks (one for each day of the week, except, of course, a day of rest…..) have a different theme, and each is a faithful facsimile of an original period deck of playing cards.

Our own favourite pack? The Transformation deck, which Pimpernel uses to befuddle his competitors and amuse young ladies of his acquaintance (and from which all the images on this post are taken) . From the early 1800s a craze arose for this style of card, on which the ordinary hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds are “transformed” cunningly into a picture. (But the rules dictated that the pips must form part of the overall design and also remain in their original position on the card.) Pimpernel also rather enjoys the disrespectfully witty social satire in the card images….

For other amazing examples of Transformation cards, check out the International Playing-Card Society website here.

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